GoT S08S05: The Mad Queen!

To be honest this is one of the worst form of writing in the entire series. Not only was it focussed on baseless overdramatic action scenes that really held not much weight, it undermined some of our pivotal favorite characters for the last eight seasons.

We’ve been waiting eight seasons for Daenerys to finally reach King’s landing. And we had an episode that focused primarily on Arya Stark who has all of a sudden become the face of GoT, sidelining Jon to a simple secondary character and turning Daenerys into this Mad Queen.

We’ve spent eight seasons with her and we know that it’s not the case and not only they dehumanized Daenerys, but they also did everything to humanize Cersei even though that’s been the exact opposite of her character.

We spent a huge chunk of time while Kings Landing burned to the ground watching and the hound getting revenge on his brother. And there are no emotional stakes watching Euron fighting Jaime, it was pointless senseless action.

Maybe focus on the emotion that’s been set up for the last seasons with Daenerys trying to claim the iron throne. However Cersei humanized to the point where she wanted her child to live and she just wanted to live and be with Jaime, this would have been useful if she realized a couple of seasons ago.

So in just quick summary, this episode was a total mess! Plot points have been focused on that weren’t important whatsoever. The action had no stakes and had no meaning. Our favorite characters were reduced to stereotypes and other characters were just altered for the sake of telling this very one-sided story.

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