Gigi Hadid Hates Workout She’d Rather Die Instead

“I just can’t go to the gym and run – I’d rather die.” is the reply of 24-year-old American Supermodel in an interview with the January/February edition of Condé Nast Traveller magazine. Gigi Hadid is the kind of woman who loves to do cycling and swimming and embraces a healthy lifestyle with outdoor activities which amazingly works for her super trim, svelte figure.

Gigi has stunning holiday ideas that include cheerful outdoor activities. The American supermodel further adds, ‘I grew up outdoors so my favorite thing is to make the most of the scenery – I cycle everywhere and swim in the sea at every spare moment.’

 Gigi Hadid is a tropical lover, grew up outdoors, and now admires the boxing a lot. She shares in the Vogue January 2019 issue, “It’s like my new sport and it’s something that I can get better at.”

Bella’s sister further exclaims that “I was a volleyball player for 12 years, I rode horses my whole life and now I box every day”.

The 24-year-old superstar believes in balanced eating rather than eating bad things. Gigi had a bitter experience for running, as she asserted back in 2017, February. She recorded a video with Reebok where she confessed how she was “running-free”.

Gigi and Bella recently visited Senegal to support UNICEF USA, which sounds incredible!

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