Georgia Steel and Callum Izzard Gets Engaged!

The Love Island star and the popular Weekend contestant have been engaged. 

Gowns, flowers, cakes, and grandeur symbolize 2 souls uniting together. Well getting engaged helps relationship to the next level. This has become true in the case of Georgia Steel and Callum Izzard.The Love Island star and the popular Weekend contestant have been engaged. 

Seeing for just one month Callum expressed his love for Georgia on “Ex on the Beach US sets.”  The show is another adaptation of the Winter MTV show “Ex on the Peak” and it is expected to witness Callum say “will u marry me” when it is aired in the coming year.

An insider says that the love birds are “immersed in love” since they started dating. Further, they feel so happy when they are together that even their parents or pals have no idea how deep their relationship will be. 

The news came as a surprise but seems like they are fond of each other within a short time. On the other hand, the newly engaged couple wanted to keep it hush and never spilled the beans even to their close kith and kin. 

Reports stated that Georgia and Lateysha Grace from Valleys are participating in “Season 11 of Ex On The Beach.” Adding to this it is expected that these two will create a drama with their very good attitude. 

Prior to their relationship, Georgia was dating Addis Miller a model who was supposed to enter the Love Island Villa show in 2018 with her. 

Well, we are eager to hear from Callum and Georgia‘s representative.

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