From Greta Garbo to Marilyn Monroe! New York Base Makeup Museum to Exhibit 50’s Era Products!

If you imagine Greta Garbo, Marilyn Monroe and other 50’s actress in today’s cosmetic products how it would be?

If you imagine Greta Garbo, Marilyn Monroe and other 50’s actress in today’s cosmetic products how it would be? To all these questions the answer is the upcoming launch of the brand new makeup museum in New York which is incepted by Doreen Bloch and Rachel Goodwin.

The museum will be located in Meatpacking District and it focuses on stating the evolution of makeup by exhibiting past and present makeup products. They will showcase the products of Greta, Marilyn, and Audrey Hepburn, etc.

To start with it will witness the theme “Pink Jungle 1950 cosmetics of US and will find business magnets, popular figures and things of that era. Tickets will be open from March and as of waiting list, it will be accessible until it is life. The price of tickets will be from $25 to $45 to give people a chance to explore and learn beauty services.

The fare will be there for 6 months and later it will go across the country but sources are yet to confirm.

Bloch said that: “The 1950s is a perfect time period for the Makeup Museum to start within the debut exhibition, because the 1950s is the birth of the modern cosmetics industry,” and we’re going to be displaying one-of-a-kind items, something consumers have never seen before in public.” These include personal items (creams, powders, and skin pastes) from Monroe and Garbo’s vanities. “Marilyn, to me, is still, today — not to overuse this word — such an icon. Gen Z, Boomer, everyone in-between knows her. She’s such a special reference point,” says Bloch.

Further its co-founder Rachel stated that: “Our goal is to be able to house many exhibitions and immerse people in different time periods, and give people a really deep understanding in a very fun way, how integral the beauty aspect of each era was and how it played out,” and “what I really do hope is that makeup artists get a museum that legitimizes their craft in a way that has not happened before. We’re called artists but still seen as being on the fringe. I want to elevate the huge impact makeup artists have had on cultural norms and how they have shifted the way we see ourselves. I want to elevate them to fine art status.”

She went on to add that: “The museum is using knowledge of Monroe to create a “shelfie,” a showcase of all the products that would have lined her beauty shelf that she might have shared online if Instagram been around in her day (and if she would have embraced it). “What would Marilyn look like, what kinds of brands would she be using?” wonders Bloch. “We have beauty receipts from Marilyn, and that gives a strong historical perspective on the brands she used,” such as the Max Factor Creme Puff foundation that will be shown.”

As per Doreen a glass jar of “Erno Laszo cream” was seen near Marilyn Monroe’s bed while she was dying as it was captured by Los Angeles Police during those days. She also said that: “Dr. Erno Laszlo created Phormula 3-8 balm specifically for Marilyn to heal an appendectomy scar on her stomach.”

The exhibition will have the makeup bottles which Greta, Monroe and others had used which are rented by Erno Laszlo. Laszlo was known to be the dermatologist of these leading actresses.

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