Fortunate Factors That Changed The Lives Of Some Actors

As the saying goes, “Fortune Favors The Brave.”

Fortunate Factors That Changed The Lives Of Some Actors
Fortunate Factors That Changed The Lives Of Some Actors

Have you heard of any amazing incidents in any of your friends’ lives? Can you recollect any miracles that happened to one of your family members? Whether your answer is yes or no, we would like to tell you about some of the fortunate happenings that have changed the lives of some great actors in Hollywood. A few of these startling miracles took place before they became actors and a few others happened when they had already been acting for quite some time.

  1. How did Meryl Streep become a star?

Meryl Streep, who was nominated for the Academy Award 21 times, and has actually won it thrice, is considered one of the greatest Hollywood actresses. But do you know that once upon a time, she didn’t think of pursuing a career as an actress?

When she was pretty young, Streep wanted a career in law. Once she graduated from Vassar College, she registered to take up an exam that would give her entry into law school. However, on the day of the exam, Streep overslept. Yes, you heard that right! She just slept through her alarm and could not attend the exam. Most of us would have freaked out and blamed ourselves. She could have rescheduled the exam, but she chose not to. Instead, Streep made up her mind that this was a sign and she should forget about pursuing a legal career. Today, we all know about the heights she has reached in her acting career and all the awards and accolades she has in her name. Surely, destiny has its own way of channeling people in the right direction!

  1. What was the turning point in Matthew McConaughey’s life?

When the actor’s wife was pregnant with their first baby, they set about choosing a name for their child. Matthew McConaughey was a believer, but he had started drifting away from God for some reason when he was acting in various movies. Nevertheless, the actor’s favorite verse in the Bible was Matthew 6:22. While trying to select a name for their yet-to-be-born son, he and his wife were thinking of zeroing in on the name, “Levi,” which was McConaughey’s name before he became a believer. But, he and his wife became clear on the subject and decided to call their baby boy “Levi” because he was born exactly at 6:22! Through this incident, the actor and his family became closer to God than they had ever been.

  1. What incident changed Chris Pratt’s life?

Years back, Chris Pratt used to be a struggling waiter. Once, when he was outside a store, he met a man named Henry. When Henry declared that God had ordered him to talk to Pratt, he was obviously taken aback. Still, Pratt listened to him. Very soon, Pratt bailed on his plans and then went to church with Henry. From then on, Pratt’s life completely changed for the better. He never met Henry again in life. Chris Pratt is now one of the most sought-after actors in Hollywood and faith is of the utmost significance in his life.

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