Florida Schoolboy Gets Beaten Up for Wearing Trump Cap

A video has surfaced which shows a 14-year-old student being thrashed and brutally attacked by his classmates in a school bus. The incident took place in Hamilton County, Florida.

His only fault was– that he wore a MAGA hat, indicating his support for Donald Trump.

Source: Google

The kid from who goes by the name Tyler, was admitted to a hospital after sustaining several injuries from the bullying incident. Though this incident happened in November 21, it was only a few days back that the kid’s mom had taken to her Twitter handle ‘AmericanDiaries’, releasing the video.

She also said that her son had been wearing the Trump hat and clothes initially but had to stop wearing them to school after he was harassed by his friends and eventually led to bullying.

“To be clear, my son bought his Trump 2020 hat with his own money at the flea market a few weeks ago,” the mother mentioned.

“He was proud to wear it. He wore it to School, but due to immediate bullying he put it away & didn’t wear it to school again, sadly the damage was already done & [he] was now a target. From that point on he was steadily getting messed with. He was getting hit, tripped & verbally abused on the bus, but it all came to a head yesterday on his bus ride home” she said.

“He didn’t tell us about the bullying, but they took it to a new level yesterday and we are just now learning what he was going through,” she said

She also stated her son’s medical condition in a tweet.

Also, Tyler’s mother claimed that the attack was racially motivated.

But it begs the question– Which sane mother would want her son to portray their political inclination in a place like school. Left or Right, all political beliefs must be kept at home. And besides, it’s a 14-year kid for god sake. There is no way to teach a 14-year kid left or right leaning politics.

We are very much condemning the brutal attack in the bus and not ruling out the possibility of racial motivation behind the attack. All we are saying is that the kid’s intent of showing up in a pro-Trump attire is something that stemmed right from the household and his family’s belief system. This all could have been avoided if the boy’s family were tolerant and sensible enough to realize that when it comes to sensitive issues, thou shall keep thy politics and religion to thyself.

Seriously, it’s better for everyone to keep your religion and political stand within the four walls of your home, unless you’re a person from Church or a power hungry politician.

Praying for the boy’s recovery. Peace out.

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