Flight skids off runway: Another Boeing 737?

As pressure keeps piling on Boeing for being responsible for two fatal crashes within a span of less than six months, Friday saw another mishap that involved a 737 aircraft. A Miami Air International flight that was headed to Jacksonville in North Florida from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba trembled over the runway and skidded off into a river.

While the investigation is in progress, the crash landing is supposedly because of a faulty thrust reverser (landing feature) that was earlier under maintenance. Fortunately, all the 143 on board were rescued through the wing exits without much delay. In spite of the timely evacuation, 3 pets sadly lost their lives as the cargo was completely immersed in water. While it gives us a sense of relief to know that there are nil casualties, it is chilling to witness incidents after incidents making air travel look like a nightmare.  Meanwhile, a commercial airplane caught fire in Moscow on Sunday during takeoff leaving 41 dead.

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