Five Rising Stars Shaking up Hollywood in 2023

These rising Hollywood stars shine brighter every day!

Five Rising Stars Shaking Up Hollywood In 2023
Five Rising Stars Shaking Up Hollywood In 2023

Rising Stars” is the name given to individuals who have surpassed expectations and proved their mettle in their field. The year 2023 in Hollywood has been a period of several rising stars. Yes, we know that this statement has kindled your interest! Many actors and actresses have portrayed exciting roles and proved themselves in 2023. These stars have a bright future and they will surely go places. Let’s now look at the Hollywood rising stars 2023.

Emerging Hollywood Talents 2023 

1. Austin Butler

This American actor’s full name is Austin Robert Butler. He has portrayed the role of Elvis Presley excellently in the movie, “Elvis.” He has won the BAFTA and Golden Globe Awards for this role and was also nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actor. He is definitely one of the rising stars in the entertainment industry.

2. Taylor Russell

Taylor is one of the hottest red carpet stars. She has starred in the movie, “Bones and All.” She has won the Best Young Actor Award for her fantastic portrayal of her role in this movie. She is also one of the aspiring actors making waves in Hollywood in 2023. In addition, she is the global ambassador for the brand, “Loewe.”

3. Lily Rose-Depp

She is the daughter of Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis. She has proved her talent in HBO’s “The Idol.” Lily Rose-Depp acquired rave reviews for her skills and performance in this show, which has won millions of hearts.

4. Jenna Ortega

You might know who she is if you have watched “Wednesday,” the popular TV series. She is well known for her “gothic” makeover on red carpets. In “Scream VI,” Ortega has reprised her fabulous role as Tara Carpenter. She is one of the promising Hollywood stars of tomorrow.

5. Ariana Greenblatt

She is still in her teens but is already causing ripples in Hollywood. She is known for her role in the blockbuster movie, “Barbie.” She is a lady who has lots of fun with fashion. It’s no surprise that her name is already under the category of talented new faces in Hollywood 2023!

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