Finally, Brad Pitt Wins The Craziest Legal Suit Filed Against Him!

the Judge dismissed the lawsuit that demanded $100,000 and pronounced that Brad Pitt cannot be blamed

Being a star isn’t about luxury and celebrations all the time, when you’re in the limelight, you may end up facing unwanted and bizarre problems at time. Brad Pitt isn’t prone to such crazy time at all. Last month, Kelli Christina, owner of a recruitment firm in Texas filed a legal suit against Brad Pitt claiming that his imposter scammed her of $40,000 and cheated her on marriage. Sounds Crazy, right? Though it is very clear to a common man’s intelligence that a celebrity cannot be blamed for a fraudster, the woman claims that Brad Pitt didn’t do his part to protect fans and public from imposters of him.

The woman is working on proposal to the US Government and Hollywood industry from protecting the citizen from such scams.

“Brad Pitt ignored all [my problems] [for] a year and a half,” she wrote. “He was contacted [about the ordeal] at Make It Right [his production company], Plan B Entertainment, his Los Angeles home and his Beverly Hills attorney [in] the summer of 2019. All problems [were] ignored and yet it’s his name and reputation [being used to defraud people], ” she added

As you can guess how the verdict would’ve passed, last Thursday, the Judge dismissed the lawsuit that demanded $100,000 and pronounced that Brad Pitt cannot be responsible for promises made by an online fraudster who used his name.

Hollywood industry or any growing industry will get bigger every day. Instead of expecting the whole industry to take all the burden of responsibilities. It is very important for the citizens to be cautious of fraudulent activities by confirming the credentials and credibility before committing to any business activities.

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