Feminists are fuming over the Italian court’s judgement on rape! Here is what pissed them off!

Italian court comprising of three women judges quashed the imprisonment of two rapists sentenced back in 2016 which triggered massive protests from hundreds of activists and social workers outside Italian court. The reason given by the judges for this annulment is freaky-nonsense. They claimed that the victim is too masculine and rapists seemed not to have been attracted to her.

A twenty-year-old woman was drugged and raped back in 2015 by a man in a park in Ancona with his friend standing guard. The victim returned home that horror-filled night and went to a hospital the next day where the doctors had to put 14 stitches in her vagina. The police arrested the accused and the judges sent the rapist to 5 years in prison and the man who guarded the rape for 3 years in prison.

This judgment is overturned by three women judges recently quashing this case against the rapists. They questioned the reliability of the victim’s account of the incident by referring that the defendants “didn’t find her attractive, she was too masculine“. They also added that the defendants had saved the woman’s phone number as ‘Viking‘.

Gross. Isn’t it? I guess it’s time to leave the earth,

It’s totally brutal and animalistic to justify male violence on women even in this 20th century. That too on the grounds of one’s appearance and looks?

“Dear Aliens! Are you there???”

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