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Facts about Kim Jong Un you’ll never find in History Books

Facts About Kim Jong Un You’ll Never Find In History Books
Facts About Kim Jong Un You’ll Never Find In History Books

His official date of birth was faked for a silly reason (well, you be the judge)

Truth be told, we don’t know his actual date of birth. However, officially, his date of birth was drafted in a way so it would fall on the 70th anniversary of the birth of his grandfather, Kim Il-sung, and 40 years after the birth of his father, Kim Jong-il.

He Carried A Colt .45 as an 11-Year-Old

Early in his life, the North Korean prince developed a grandiose personality around his grandfather. On his 8th birthday, he wore a general outfit studded with shiny stars. Real officers of the North Korean army had to bow to him and pay their respects. When he was turned 11, Kim stepped us a notch by carrying a sidearm with him. It was an American Colt .45.

He could throw in some serious hoops

He was seriously competitive in basketball which he developed a strong liking for during his time in Switzerland. People who knew him at the time have said he might have not been a dedicated student, but he was a fierce basketball player. One classmate said Kim “was very sensational” on the basketball court and he could make things happen and was a playmaker.

His Swiss classmates loved him

Kim’s schoolmates said he was a “good friend” to the people with whom he grew close. Classmate Marco Imhof said, “He was funny. Always good for a laugh. He also hated to lose. Winning was very important.” His friends felt that he had a sense of humor and got on well with everyone, even freshmen from countries that were enemies of North Korea.

He might have driven luxury cars at the age of 7

Allegedly, Kim Jong-un could drive a car at age 3, but while that’s virtually impossible, there may be some truth to the claim that he could drive several of the family’s luxury automobiles by age 7.

He gave himself many titles. Many.

They include –“The Main Leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea”, “the Leader of the Party, and the People.” “The New Start”, “The Brilliant Comrade”, “The Genius Among Others”, and “The Marshall of North Korea” among a dozen others.

His obsessions include Nike shoes, YSL cigarettes, and a 200-foot yacht

Kim reportedly has expensive tastes, including imported liquor and caviar, $200-per-pair Nike sneakers, and designer cigarettes from Yves Saint Laurent. The North Korean leader is also believed to have a custom-designed 200-foot yacht.

He set North Korea’s clock back 30 minutes

In August 2015, Kim ordered clocks in the country to be set back by 30 minutes. so he could restore his country back to its original time zone, before Japanese colonization.

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