Everything You Must Know about Margot Robbie’s Husband, Tom Ackerley

Being married is actually the most fun ever,” says Margot Robbie about her married life.

Everything You Must Know About Margot Robbie’s Husband, Tom Ackerley

Margot Robbie – the real-life Barbie of Hollywood, met her Ken on a movie set and fell in love with him. This couple took their marriage vows in 2016 and have supported each other since then. Read on to know more…

Who is Tom Ackerley?

Brought up in the United Kingdom, Tom Ackerley is a filmmaker who worked on numerous movies, TV shows, and projects. He assisted in many films including “Macbeth,” and “Promising Young Woman.” Along with his Barbie girl, he co-founded a production company called LuckyChap Entertainment. Dollface, Saltburn, Tonya, and Barbie are some of the notable movies produced by this team. 

How did Tom and Margot meet?

The hot duo met each other on a movie set –Suite Française. Margot Robbie was starring opposite Michael Williams and Ruth Wilson, while Tom was working as an assistant director. Both were good friends for a long time. At that time, Margot was not looking for a relationship. Later, Tom’s charm made her fall in love with him and they started dating in 2014. 

A Secret Marriage 

Margot and Tom secretly got hitched after two years of dating. The couple didn’t announce their engagement beforehand. Rather they arranged a private ceremony in Australia’s Byron Bay and announced the news later. In an interview, Margot revealed that being married was actually fun.

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