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Emma Stone’s Cruella to start production this Summer!

The live-action take on the 101 Dalmatians, will star Emma Stone as its villainess. Even though this was announced long back, the production is being geared up to start this summer in London.

In the original story, Cruella is depicted as a pampered and glamorous London heiress who kidnaps 97 to 99 puppies for their fur.

The movie might give a glimpse into the life of Cruella, her humble upbringing as an orphan in the streets of London, getting mauled by street dalmatians only to develop a hatred for them as she grew older since they reminded her tough childhood.

In Disney’s 1996 live-action remake of the animated film, 101 Dalmatians, and its 2000 sequel, 102 Dalmatians, Cruella DeVil was played by Glenn Close.

People are looking forward to the La La Land actress reprising the roleconsidering her uncanny resemblance to the animated character.

The studio is hoping for a 2020 release though it has not been confirmed yet. A talented actress of her stature, we believe that she’ll definitely be a delight to watch as a posh, evil, English billionaire.

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