Eminem once again tops the chart and beats 36-year-old UK chart record!

RAP GOD for a reason!

He trolls his own kind, disrespects Trump, and dares the world in a rap battle like a rattlesnake. Guess what, he always stays on top of the chart too. In fact, this time he beats the 36-year-old record by Abba and Led Zeppelin for giving consecutive No 1 albums back-to-back. His recent album Kamikaze which came as a bolt from the blue took all fans his by surprise releasing last week

The Marshall Mathers LP. Eminem put out a statement alongside the news, saying:

“Does this mean I get to call myself Sir Eminem?”

Not just that, Kamikaze is now the fourth-fastest selling album in the UK for the year 2018. Here are some of the tracks available to stream on Youtube.

Guess its just another beginning for the RAP GOD!

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