Ellen Has Made Her Fans Weekend Happy!

The host saw 3 “Memphis high schoolers for their act of kindness” which touched millions of hearts

If you’re an Ellen fan then Friday’s episode should have brought happy tears.One of the successful morning talk show is “Ellen DeGeneres.” The host saw 3 “Memphis high schoolers for their act of kindness” which touched millions of hearts.

The story unfolds where Kristopher and Antwain showed their love to their fellow classmate Micheal with clothes as he was mocked for coming with the same dress every single day. Kristopher told the once comedian that even he bullied him earlier but once he felt bad for his behavior and he said sorry to Micheal and he mends his mistake with kindness. He stated: “It was the best day of my life because I was bullied my entire life.”

Unexpectedly the good act was captured without their knowledge and the rest is history. This not only grabbed the eyes of people but celebrities as well.One among was Will Smith who gave them a surprise to the guys.

The Aladdin star told that he watched it along with his wife Jaden and felt that he should meet them. He stated: “What you did felt small to you, but I promise you that is exactly how human beings are supposed to interact with one another,” the actor told them. “It’s not more complicated than that. Somebody is having a hard time and you help them. It’s that simple.”

He also added saying that “what Kristopher was really big also was the self-correct.” “You saw that you were laughing and you were part of it and you stopped and self-corrected.”

These boys are blessed to learn it at this tender age. Further, Smith presented them swanky bags from his new line to the high schoolers and for all their kids in school which is in association with New Stability. As the icing on the cake, Ellen showed her kindness with $10,000 dollars to each of them.

As her saying goes “Be Kind to One Another.”

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