Eddie Murphy Is Still a Legend and His Return to SNL Proves It

Murphy’s return got SNL its top-rated show in three years.

Saturday Night Live has got its lost legend back.

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The 58-year old comic legend returned to host the show that made him famous, after a long gap of over three decades (35 years to be precise). He was accompanied by Lizzo, starring as the musical guest.

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And here’s the kicker–this particular episode hosted by Eddie Murphy was the most watched episode ever since Melissa McCarthy hosted it in 2017. The show garnered a whopping 10 million viewers among adults aged between 18 and 49.

The big reason why people flocked to see his show has much to do with nostalgia. Eddie Murphy is one of the legends of SNL ever since it has begun.

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Interestingly, it was SNL that skyrocketed Murphy to fame when he was as young as 19.

Saturday Night Live is one of the longest running tellies and has had a bumpy ride ever since its inception. Their skits are sometimes brilliant and other times it’s borderline boring. However, this year, SNL’s ratings have gone through the roof with 68% increase in the total viewership. Even its YouTube channel has been doing good with 33% raise in the number of viewers.

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