Dustin Hoffman’s Midnight Cowboy is Still Afresh since 60’s!

The movie was based on the book James Leo Herlihy and was written by Walto Salt.

Prior to bromance, it is Midnight Cowboy which was a touching story of two men who find friendship for the sole reason to forget their loneliness. The movie was based on the book James Leo Herlihy and was written by Walto Salt.

The film was helmed by John Schlesinger a British man who incepted the idea of kitchen-sink reality and desperate desire of the old movies from Billy Liar to Midnight Cowboy’s scenes of two pitiful men backbiting in their dirty New York crouch. They are seen fighting overcooking and amazing over plush people and spending time in the Florida sun.

With distressing innocence, Joe portrayed by John Voight thinks he can be a charmer or a hero to the lavish ladies from Park Avenue. So he keeps framing a flophouse Manhattan hotel suite by posting an inspiring photograph of Paul Newman on his wall. The hotel has a scenic view of Times Square which remains as the essence of “peep-show squalor”

This is a memory of New York’s old suites which can’t be even imagined in today’s rich world. The conclusion of the movie is being homeless as Joe and Ratso played by Dustin are seen roaming in the streets which literally means they are on the roads as their place of living looks like a den.

Schlesinger’s lens reveals to us that it is a rare sneak peek in English films on poverty. And their opportunity to relive from poverty is an invite to a celebration of hipsters.

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