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Does Selena Gomez still worry about Justin Bieber?

the “Sorry” singer was once again found shedding tears

After Justin was spotted breaking down at various instances, we can’t help but think that Selena Gomez is extremely worried about her ex. After the 26-year-old singer was hospitalized for lupus, and low white blood cell count, we have been seeing Justin in tears time and again in many of his public appearances with wife Hailey.

History repeated itself when the “Sorry” singer was once again found shedding tears at the Leaky Cauldron bar, Universal Studios on Nov 2. Sources reveal that Justin’s emotional crashes have sure kept Selena Gomez worrying. It has always been a roller coaster ride of feelings for the former Disney girl to accept the fact that Justin has moved on and is now married to Hailey. Alongside all the health issues that she’s been dealing for the past few years, it is totally acceptable that she still cares for him. After all, it was a relationship that lasted for nearly seven years before the two broke up in 2016. We hope time heals all the wounds so that they can focus on their individual lives they are bound to.

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