Disney Star Maitland Ward opens up why she quit Hollywood to enter Adult Industry!

The ex-actress of ‘Disney Boy Meets World’ criticized that Hollywood is more degrading than the adult industry.

Well, the actress is reportedly frustrated with the lack of opportunities and appreciation in Hollywood. The 42-year-old actress reveals that she feels happy and beneficial to her decision to switch careers. She tells her critics and trollers that she makes around $62000 per month as a porn star which counts to $15500 per week. This is much more than she earned while she acted as a leading star in Boy Meets World from Disney. The actress says she faced unimaginable hurdles after the Boy Meets World concluded and she gets all the attention and appreciation she deserves in her new career.

She was awarded two AVN awards, an Award event similar to the Academy Awards but with a twist. The twist is for Adult Entertainment for Best threeway shot and Best Supporting Actress.

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She smiles and sets aside all the negative feedback and comment raised for her change of career. The actress recalls the incident where a publicist chided her saying stop putting up such pictures. No one will hire you. And she should be auditioning to play ‘Disney mums’. The actress reverts she was a comedy celebrity but she wanted beyond that. Not as a Disney Mum.

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