Disney+ launched in Netherlands

Disney+ has launched in Netherlands and if you happen to be there, you can avail their 2-month free trial version to check out their features.

Disney+ Screengrab

For now, there’s no new content. The homepage boasts a wide range of Marvel movies and a bunch of Star Wars movies. It also has what you might call ‘Movie extras’ like trailers, bloopers, deleted scenes from popular movies and making of.

The homepage is riddled with multiple filters you can choose from like Disney | Marvel| Pixar | Star Wars, most of which various subtitles and audio is available in various languages.

Also, compared to Netflix’s 4, you can create a maximum of 7 profiles and download movies offline in normal, medium and high quality resolution. Interestingly, each profile can have its own app language which you can choose from the profile settings.

Having sitting on top of Marvel, Disney and Star Wars collection, the home page boasts a curation of various Disney movies over the years. It has a Muppets collection that shows the muppet movies (and the latest TV serie, not the old shows), a Princess collection, a Beasts collection showcasing movies like The Beauty and the Beast among many others.

It’s a good sign that Disney+ is not solely focused on their collections but also trying to provide feature-rich experience in terms of the Interface and the controls.

We’ll have to wait and see until new content hits the platform.

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