Did Kim Deliberately Leak Her Sex Tape?

Yes, it’s the infamous tape starring Kim Kardashian and Ray J sharing some intimate moments.

It’s hard to imagine that there was a time before the Kardashians built up a massive and profitable empire. Before there was KUWTK, you could only see Kim on a very different type of video. Yes, it’s the infamous tape starring Kim Kardashian and Ray J sharing some intimate moments.


Back then, she was just a personal stylist of singer Brandy Norwood while she dated his brother Ray J Norwood. However, her sex tape with Ray J changed her life’s narrative drastically. The couple made a sex tape using a handheld camcorder during their trip to Esperanza Resort in Mexico while they celebrated Kim’s 23rd birthday. In March 2007, the infamous porn company ‘Vivid Entertainment’ released the sex tape on the internet and the rest of what happened is well-known history. Initially, Kim sued the company to prevent it from being released before settling it out of court. But she stopped trying to prevent the release in 2007 after she was paid $5 million (£3.98million).

Steven Hirsch, the founder and co-chairman of Vivid Entertainment, said: “Ultimately she did sell us the footage so we had the ability to put it out and distribute it.”

Steven Hirsch added: “I can only say that it’s the most popular tape we’ve ever done.

“Revenue-wise it has generated more income than any other tape that we’ve done.”

Kim admits she watched her friend, Paris Hilton who got a massive amount of attention when her video was released. Apparently, the sex tape was viewed by more than 150 million visitors which in fact led Vivid Entertainment to announce March 2017 as Kim K. Sex Tape Month.

There’s also a rumor that Kim Kardashian and her family deliberately wanted this to happen. A private investigator once revealed that the mastermind behind the infamous sex tape was Kris Jenner who wanted her desperate daughter, Kim K to be famous.

kris jenner

It has surprised how much this tape ended up devastating the normally confident Kim. It’s a bit too awkward to think about how the Kardashian family had these weird plans to be famous.

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