Did ‘Joker’ Just Proved That ‘Hollywood Doesn’t Need China’?

Well, the box office figures of Joker seems to say ‘Yes’ for the question.

Ever since its release, the movie ‘Joker’ keeps setting new records and breaking all the expectations of an ‘R-rated Movie’. While it is on the verge of leading the international box office, one vast foreign market still untapped is China. Since the film depicts a corrupt government and oppressive society that ends up spiking huge protests, the Chinese Govt is persistent to ban the movie across its country. We all know that the biggest blockbuster movie Aquaman gained $298 million in china helping its way to clock $1.155 billion globally.

Interestingly, the ‘Joker’ movie already crossed $857 (which is Aquaman’s global collection excluding the China market) and is on the verge to clock $1 billion. If this turns reality, ‘Joker’ becomes the second movie to cross $1 billion box office collection following the ‘Batman – The Dark Knight’ without the Chinese contribution. Chris Nolan’s Batman sequel is banned in China for the fact that the movie depicted Chinese gangsters who laundered money to destroy the Gotham city.

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