Derek Hough’s Wife Hayley Erbert Is ‘Grateful to Be Alive’

Sometimes, life teaches us how precious it is through unexpected events!

Derek Hough’s Wife Hayley Erbert Is ‘grateful To Be Alive’
Derek Hough’s Wife Hayley Erbert Is ‘grateful To Be Alive’

Do you remember Derek Hough and Hayley Erbert from the American dance series, “Dancing with the Stars?” The duo tied the knot on 26th August 2023. But a few months later, Erbert had to undergo an emergency brain surgery. Let’s now see what the couple had to say about the whole experience.

Hayley Erbert’s Brain Surgery

Erbert was diagnosed with a cranial hematoma, following which she underwent brain surgery in December 2023. Cranial hematoma is a condition in which blood collects within the skull. 


Recently, the “Dancing with the Stars” judge and his wife took to social media and updated friends and fans about their lives during and after the two surgeries that were done on Erbert.


Derek stated (about his wife), “It’s been wild going from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows. But I have to say, throughout this experience, this woman has been unbelievable and her perseverance and her acceptance of the whole situation, her strength, it’s been remarkable to witness firsthand.” 

Derek also said that the entire experience was miraculous. According to Erbert, she was grateful that she was alive. 

Hayley Erbert’s Exact Words

Erbert showed off her surgery scar and her buzzed hair. She admitted that the whole experience has offered her a new lease on life. She was also reminded how precious time was.

Her exact words were, “A new haircut, a new scar, a new sac of fluid on the side of my face, which is supposed to eventually go away.” Erbert felt extremely grateful when she said, “A new skull. But also, a new outlook on life. Life is so precious. Spend time with the ones you love. Hold them close ’cause you never know what could happen.”

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