Deepfake Reimagines Matrix Played by Will Smith

A deepfake video has surfaced on YouTube that flawlessly replicates the 1999 cult hit The Matrix with Will Smith in scenes that we’ve so gotten used to watching Keanu Reeves as Neo.

The video is dubbed ‘cursed’ as one cannot unsee it. Just watch–

The video was uploaded by Sham00K on September 3rd and has garnered 100k views in just over 2 days. From the likes of the video, a youthful Will Smith sports a floppy hairstyle like Keanu did in the movie along with his moustache from Men in Black. One can’t help but notice how it looked like Eddie Murphy on a skit of SNL.

Interestingly Will Smith was approached with the script. However, he turned down the offer and went on to star in Wild Wild West as he didn’t share the uncanny ideology of directors Lana and Lily Wachowski.

Matrix 4 is already in the works and do you think that this video can convince Will Smith to star in the next installment? Even if that is a bit too far-fetched, it is only a matter of time that deepfakes are weaponized blurring the lines between what is real and what is not.

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