Here’s Why there’ll be no Season 2 for ‘Dare Me’!

The show was on trending charts on Netflix series for a while.

The ‘Dare Me’ was a huge hit on Netflix, reports suggest that the chances for the series to get a second season are very unlikely. The reason is that the show didn’t do well on USA TV which is its original network.

However, there’s still hope for fans who wish to see another season of their favorite series. There’s still a chance for Netflix to take over the show and produce to make a season on its own. Since this kind of production is not something new for Netflix, fans can have a bit of hope to see this through.

According to media sources, Netflix is apparently counting on the American viewing figures before deciding on commissioning Dare Me Season 2, then fans should find out the fate of the show soon. Netflix usually uses the first month of viewing figures for a given series to decide whether to give it another season, meaning that by the end of winter viewers should know if the show is canceled for good or not.

‘Dare Me’, the upcoming High School Drama on Netflix

November 2019

Be it Riverdale or Sabrina, Netflix remains consistent in providing dramas and shows for the teenage audience. The upcoming ‘Dare Me’ series is one such drama that explores the fraught relationship between two teenage girls and the ups and downs of typical high school teenagers. The show is co-produced by Netflix and it owns the first streaming rights of the show in the USA. The trailer of ‘Dare Me’ is released recently raising the expectations of many Netflix lovers.

The episodes are set to be premiered by the USA Network on 29th December 2019 and Netflix is yet to announce its launching date. Interestingly, the series is inspired by the best-selling novel ‘Dare Me’ written by Megan Abbott who’s also the writer and executive producer of the series.

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