Cristiano Ronaldo replaces Selena Gomez as most followed user on Instagram

Our own favorite child artist turned singer Selena Gomez has been beaten for the first time in years. The Barney and Friends star was the queen of Instagram who was most followers. The 26 years old had 144 million followers and was dethroned by none other than the soccer king Cristiano Ronaldo! She has been taking a detox from Social media and took it very sportive when she lost her crown to him.


Cristiano Ronaldo, Portuguese Soccer player was quite close to the rankings of Selena’s for a while and now he is the King of Instagram with most followers. Also, Selena Gomez thinks that he is cute and says that she understands so many love his play. This remains how she took the throne from her bestie Taylor Swift back in 2016. Also, she is not keen on maintaining her social media presence in recent months. Back then in her Elle interview, she admitted that she forgot her password to Instagram and doesn’t have many apps on her phone. Any which way we love SG out of Instagram or any other app.

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