Collin Farrell & Matthew McConaughey in the Batman Cast!?

Who’s gonna play who?

If the news of Zoey Kravitz cast as the catwoman wasn’t jaw-dropping, a new roster of top level actors have been added to the cast of The Batman.

Robert Pattinson and Zoe Kravitz will be joined by Collin Farrel, Matthew McConaughey and Andy Serkis.

As of now The Batman revamp have cast the following members–

Robert Pattinson- Batman/ Bruce Wayne

Zoey Kravitz- Catwoman/ Selina Kyle

Jeffrey Wright- Comissioner Gordon

Paul Danno- Riddler

Andy Serkis- Bruce Wayne’s Butler, Afred Pennyworth

Matthew McConaughey- Gotham City District Attorney, Harvey Dent

Colin Farrell- Oswald Chesterfield/ Penguin

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