Choice vs control, does COVID remind you of The Matrix?

If you have rooted for Neo (In the first part of The Matrix Trilogy) go for the red pill then welcome to the world of deciding between making the all-important choice exploring to understand the truth or just continue to remain dumb and playing to the gallery.

In the battle between choice versus control of one’s own life actions, you are in that zone of whether to follow the order of the day and remain locked to see the light of the day in the future or defy the ground rules and go on to thrive consciously and riskily.

What’s your belief system on what’s currently taking care of your affairs? Is it your choice for the betterment or is it (the red pill equivalent) the system that’s been designed purportedly to do that for you?

Assuming such a system indeed exists in the real world around you, what is the level of choice you think one has, over making an informed decision of choosing it?


Now it should be easy, what is it that you want, the red pill or the blue pill?

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