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China Uses Big Data to Target and Suppress Muslims?

According to HRW (Human Rights Watch), China’s Xinjiang is using a big data program that arbitrarily selects Muslims for detection. It apparently flags Muslims who wear a veil, study the Quran, or going on Hajj pilgrimage and arrests them on these grounds.

The human rights group revealed a detailed analysis using a leaked list of 2000 detainees in Xinjiang’s Aksu prefecture and raised the allegation. The big data program is known as the IJOP (Integrated Joint Operations Platform) which monitored the relationship, communication, travel history, and many other digital data to select the people.

“The Aksu List provides further insights into how China’s brutal repression of Xinjiang’s Turkic Muslims is being turbocharged by technology,” said Maya Wang, senior China researcher at HRW.

“The Chinese government owes answers to the families of those on the list: Why were they detained, and where are they now?”

“‘Predictive policing’ platforms are really just a pseudo-scientific fig leaf for the Chinese government to justify vast repression of Turkic Muslims,” Wang said. “The Chinese government should immediately shut down the IJOP, delete all the data it has collected, and release everyone arbitrarily detained in Xinjiang.”

China Reopens Wet Market: Bats, Cats, and Dogs on Sale

April 2020

Another virus in the making? What is the government even thinking? Selling domestic and wild animals in an open market is not only a threat to the countrymen but also to the world. We are already facing enough because of this unhygienic practice. More than 47,000 people around the globe have fallen prey to the Coronavirus which first originated in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China.

The first person to be infected is said to be a 55-year old man who visited the wet market back in December 2019. China’s wet market is a place where fish, birds, cats, snakes, and other animals both alive and dead are being sold for human consumption.

There is also a theory that suggests Corona could have lurked from bats that are being sold in the wet markets of Wuhan. Today, the infection has spread beyond borders taking a toll on innocent lives. Right now, it could be the most insane thing to reopen these unclean and deadly markets. The WHO and world countries cannot stand such an act anymore.

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