Celebrities Who Died of Drug Overdose

Do you know these celebrities died of drug overdose?

Celebrities Who Died Of Drug Overdose

Many of our favorite celebrities have lost their lives to drugs. Celebrity drug overdose fatalities have frequently been front-page news around the world. The three well-known celebrities who passed away from drug overdoses are listed below.

1. Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson, a well-known pop musician, passed away at the age of 50 from an overdose of sedatives and propofol administered by his doctor, Conrad Murray, which was ultimately determined to be a homicide. After the “King of Pop” passed away, police found drugs in his home, some of which were fake. Before his passing, Jackson was undergoing addiction treatment in California after being arrested numerous times for drug use. 

2. Heath Ledger

The “dark knight” terrifying antagonist died of an accidental overdose of prescribed medications at the age of 28. Along with using drugs, Heath had sleep problems which caused him insomnia. Heath’s housekeeper discovered him dead on his bed. After his passing, he was awarded an Oscar for his role in “The Dark Knight.”

3. Marilyn Monroe 

Marilyn Monroe, one of the most classic sex icons of the 20th century, committed suicide at age 36. She was found dead in her Los Angeles apartment. To treat her insomnia and mental health issues, she used a range of medications. According to Monroe’s final report, the fatal combination of the sedative chloral hydrate and the anxiety drug nembutal was what caused her death.

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