CBS to get ‘True Lies’ TV Series by James Cameron!

James Cameron is the executive producer of the show. The show is a comedic spy thriller just like the movie.

The Arnold Schwarzenegger hit movie ‘True Lies’ is going to become a TV show at CBS. According to initial reports, the legendary director James Cameron is the executive producer of the show. The show is a comedic spy thriller just like the movie.

In the original movie, Arnold Schwarzenegger performed as James Bond-like secret agent and Jamie Lee Curtis as his wife, who discovers his double life and herself becomes embroiled in international espionage (with jokes and explosions). The movie was a massive hit with $378 million at the box office.

James Cameron has been pursuing the idea of making a True Lies TV series for more than a decade. He reportedly shopped the idea around various networks back in 2010, though we didn’t hear any more until seven years later when Fox handed out a pilot commitment for an hour-long episode. For unknown reasons, that also failed to move forward.

‘Broke’ Finally Bids Goodbye Post CBS Calls Off the Pauley Perrette Show!

June 2020

At the start of the year, CBS had stated that it has decided to call off Pauley Perrette’s show ‘Broke’ and Pauley has confirmed on her social media thanking her followers at the last episode of the season for all the support they had given these days.

This TV show shows Jackie a single mom who beings up a very creative son Sammy portrayed by Antonio Raul Corbo. Though they both have a peaceful life things take a turn when her sister Elizabeth (Natasha Leggero) and her spouse Javier (Jamie Camil) shift to their small abode.

Javier is seen sent off by his father as he keeps planning with his friend Luis (Izzy Diaz) to get his dad’s trust and money.

The end of the series saw Jackie making arrangements to make Sammy’s birthday the best, but she is pushed to adjust after the place she planned gets crushed by a car. Luckily Luis is a brilliant party planner and he turns their backyard into an amazing placemaking Sammy’s birthday as the most memorable one.

Later Jackie feels that she will miss her sister and Javier as they shift to their new home.

“Maybe Sammy’s not the only one who likes you being here. The last six months with you here, things have been easier and way better. And I know this wasn’t going to be permanent, but I just thought maybe it was going to be longer.”

In her Twitter handle, Pauley expressed her gratitude to her followers, cast, and crew for making it a success. Further, she also shared off-screen pictures of their celebration and stated it as the: “special show that means so much to many.”

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