Cardi B tells fans to hurt themselves in new video

Cardi B told the online trolls to commit suicide

Cardi B faces backlash after she clapped back at internet trolls in the way some social media users have labeled as insensitive.

The Bodak Yellow rapper, 26, went on an explosive rant on IG Live in defense of her sister, Hennessy, after accusing Nicki Minaj’s fan base of relentlessly targeting them online as both the hip-hop queen fights.

Cardi B’s responded to her haters: “Throw yourself off a (expletive) balcony. … You need to cut your (expletive) veins. You people need help.”

Cardi B told the online trolls to commit suicide, despite someone off-screen appearing to tell the rapper to stop.

“I know I shouldn’t be talking, but it’s just, like, you know how I get when people start with Hennessy,” Cardi B said.

Thousands of people tuned into her NSFW live stream and many took to social media to slam her controversial remarks as “disgusting,” “triggering,” and “insane.”


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