Can Aaron Paul save Westworld?

HBO doesn’t want to lose the fire.

With Game of Thrones finally coming to an end, folks of HBO want to give you something worthy enough to keep you hooked on the network. And in that attempt, surprised us with the trailer of the third season of WestWorld which stars Aaron Paul at the helm.

So when millions of viewers were gearing up to bid farewell to the Game of Thrones, HBOpopped up the trailer. Surprise, surprise. Below is the trailer–

Westworld is a Sci-fi and a Western genre mash-up where robots with uncanny human resemblance thrive in a world as a sort of entertainment to real humans. Despite having a stellar concept, it received a mixed response from viewers from some praising it to some criticizing it as an utter waste of story and the talent pool.

Season 3 of Westworld will be aired on HBO in 2020.

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