Camila Cabello’s words of Wisdom on her birthday

Camila Cabello turned 22 on 3 March. She shared a short vid on Twitter recently reminiscing her childhood and carefree days.

Camila Cabello gifted pearls of wisdom to her fans all around the globe– a list of 22 things she’s learned about life in the past 365 days.

In the list are key lessons about sleep, social media, and family. “I used to go to sleep at like 3 a.m. and wake up at 1 p.m.,” she said. “Even though it can definitely be really fun, I always felt like my days went by so fast and it would put me in a sad sort of funk.”

“I try to get up earlier and earlier now and the day is completely different, the days feel so much longer now in a good way,” Cabello added. “Like I can experience so much more in the 24 hours I have.”

Although Cabello’s candid letter was shared on Twitter and Instagram, the singer reminded her followers that not everything that makes its way to social media is genuine — or,  at the very least, it doesn’t show the full picture of someone’ life.

“Don’t compare yourself to people on social media,” she said. “Everyone is just putting on a show here. I’d say social media is the pristine, shareable, 3% of what actually happens in my real life.”

Here’s the complete list:

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