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Bradley Cooper is sad!

Rami Malek winning the Oscar for the Best Actor might have made you happy after his stellar performance in Bohemian Rhapsody, but you shouldn’t forget that Bradley Cooper was nominated for the Best Actor for A Star Is Born.

The paparazzi can’t get enough of his budding on and off-screen romance with Lady Gaga, with the duo convincing most of the fans that they are in LOVE. However, when it comes to silverware, Cooper doesn’t have any in his bag for his heartwarming performance, both as a director and Actor in A Star Is Born.

Forget about winning the Best Actor, Cooper was NOT even nominated for the Best Director, to the surprise of many.

Even if we wanted Rami to win the Best Actor, somewhere inside, in our hearts, we wouldn’t have minded hearing–

“And The Best Actor… Bradley Cooper!”

Bradley Cooper even expressed his embarrassment to Oprah Winfrey earlier this month for not receiving the Academy nomination for the Best Director.

“I felt embarrassed that I didn’t do my part,” he told Oprah. “Like, ‘Oh gosh, I didn’t do my job.’ But the truth is, even if I got the nomination, that should not give me any sense of whether I did my job or not. That’s the trick. The trick is to make something you believe in and you work hard.”

Bradley Cooper belongs to the guild of talented Actors who are yet to receive an Academy Award along with big names like Johny Depp and Harrison Ford.

This brings Bradley Cooper to a tally of 7 Oscar Nominations with winning none.

We hope that the Actor aces the Academy Award in one of his future projects and his best work is well ahead of him.


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