Bradley Cooper and Gigi Hadid continue their romance

Cooper and Hadid seem to hit it off!

Bradley Cooper And Gigi Hadid Continue Their Romance
Bradley Cooper And Gigi Hadid Continue Their Romance

Bradley Cooper and Gigi Hadid have had their previous relationships. But it seems that the duo are now dating and seem to be pretty close. They have been spotted at a theater date night recently. Let’s take a closer look at Cooper and Hadid’s budding romance.

Bradley Charles Cooper 

Bradley Charles Cooper is an American filmmaker and actor. He has many awards and accolades to his credit, including a couple of Grammy awards and a British Academy Film Award.

Bradley Cooper Gigi Hadid Romance 

Cooper and Hadid were seen at an off-Broadway play, which was titled, “Danny and the Deep Blue Sea.” It is said that Bradley Cooper is a fan of the theater. This could be the reason behind the couple’s location of dating.

Cooper has a daughter from a previous relationship and Hadid also has a daughter. Here, we need to note that Hadid was previously in a relationship with Cooper’s close friend, Leonardo DiCaprio.

Bradley Cooper Date

Cooper and Hadid’s dates are now the talk of the town. As usual, there are some rumors doing the rounds. But it seems that Irina Shayk, Cooper’s ex-partner, is not too happy about his new relationship and the growing closeness between Cooper and Hadid.

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