Bradgelina’s custody battle goes public again!

The battle between the two has got nastier over the days

The battle between the two has got nastier over the days as much as it is becoming more public. Ever since Brad and Angelina started fighting over the kids’ custody case, things have been unsettling and the 54-year-old actor feels like Angie is not being fair enough. He is, in fact, worried about the negative impact her doings reflect on their kids’ future. On Monday, the custody war took a chaotic turn when the 43-year-old actress filed papers claiming that Brad hasn’t paid meaningful child support. In order to oppose this statement, the Troy actor filed a reply stating that he has already borne the expenses of $8 million dollars for the current house Angie and her kids are residing in and an addition of $1.3 million dollars for their bills. We believe that negotiation is the only way this issue could come to a close. Hope the two handle it with maturity considering the impact it has on their kids. However, Brad doesn’t seem to give up on the custody that easily.

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