Brad & Angelina’s Custody War: Jennifer Aniston feels horrible

The ex-celebrity couple’s custody battle on their six kids Maddox, Shiloh, Zahara, Vivienne, Pax, and Knox seems like never-ending as both of them are firm on not giving up on the case. After Bradgelina’s divorce announcement in September 2016, there have been talks on who would take the kids’ custody. Things have been tense since then as Angie apparently denied Brad from spending time with their kids. While the kids are on a temporary joint custody as of now, sources reveal that Jennifer Aniston is taking her ex-husband’s side and feels horrible about the battle that has been going on.

The most shocking divorce must have left the kids concerned but we are sure both the celebs are strong enough in their respective careers and the only negotiation could solve the issue. Of course, the Duchess of Sussex also had given her input when she met with Angie. Whatever be the case, Jen has got the Fight Club star’s back!

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