Boxer Anthony Joshua Trains with Timothy Moten for His Upcoming Match!

Boxing is a tough sport where lots of stamina and hard work are required to face challenges.

Boxing is a tough sport where lots of stamina and hard work are required to face challenges. Though there are various categories it’s the heavyweight which is more challenging.

When it comes to heavyweight a popular name in the category is Anthony Joshua from Britain who has added many laurels to his crown.Recently Joshua was seen practicing for his upcoming game with a “Chubby” partner and speculations were rife on why he was training with him.

To clear the air, the partner is Timothy Moten who is helping Anthony to face Andy Ruiz who appears to be chubby. The game is a rematch and if won it’s going to add millions to his pocket.

Timothy from the U.S is now in the UK sparring in the “English Institute of Sport in Sheffield” where Anthony is also trained under Coach Rob McCracken.

Further, Eddie Hearn the promoter of “Matchroom Sport” has stated that: Timothy has been on board as he has the same body as Andy and it will be easy for Anthony to face Andy on December 7th in Saudi Arabia if he has a prior practice with Timothy.

Moten who has arrived from the United States has earlier won 5 championships till today and the boxer has been posting videos of him training at Sheffield.

Besides, Timothy has spoken saying: “’we will go straight back to camp and then it’s back in the dead zone. We were told they might send us back here again for another one, depending on how we perform for camp. If we do well, we’ll be back here.”

Eddie is also sure that Anthony will bring back his titles after he had lost recently in New York in June. He also said that: “‘it’s madness. There are eight weeks to go, and he’s been in camp for four weeks already.”

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