Bill and Melinda’s Child Custody After Divorce?

The most famous mega-billionaire couple got divorced after their 27 years of togetherness. The rich couple Bill and Melinda Gates recently announced that they are intended to divorce as their marriage was “irretrievably broken.” Bill and Melinda took this to their official social media accounts to announce the end of their nearly three decades of married life. Bill and Melinda Gates are the second ultra-rich couple to split up in the United States.

The rich couples also stated that it was a very complicated process that will include a $130 billion fortune and three children into their consideration. This high-profile couple has been blessed with three children, son Rory John, 21, and daughters Phoebe Adele, 18, and Jennifer Katharine, 25, they will not have to worry about child custody issues as they are all adults now.

However, the Gates’ three children are unlikely to see any impact on their inheritance money because Bill Gates has stated on numerous occasions that he does not intend to leave them the majority of the fortune.

During a TED talk show in 2014, the host stated that the couple had enough money to make their children billionaires, but Bill Gates stated that it was not on his plan and he said that “They won’t have anything like that. They need to have a sense that their own work is meaningful and important.”

In the year 2011, during an interview with The Daily Mail, Bill Gates was questioned about the reports that he planned to give his every child $10 million. Even Though he did not confirm the exact amounts, he did claim that there would be a “minuscule portion” from his fortune.

Bill Gates and Melinda Announce Their Divorce!

Following the divorce of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos who divorced after 25 years of marriage, now its Microsoft founder Bill and Melinda Gates who are up for a divorce with mutual consent after 27 years of marriage just months after announcing “Bill and I Equal Partners” in a campaign.

The couple tweeted earlier that they were all set to go separate ways after the impending divorce because they firmly believe that after all the effort they have put in maintaining their relationship, they don’t see each other growing any further, and it would be best to part ways with sweet memories rather than waiting for a bitter fight.

The couple met in the ’80s when Melinda, the then product manager at Microsoft, dined with Bill Gates for a business lunch in New York. After carefully screening the pros and cons of marriage over a whiteboard, the pair had a Hawaiian Wedding in 1994.

Bill and Melinda have three children together and have also jointly established the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to help the needy. The couple has been of serious help during the pandemic and has also urged several other billionaires to share their wealth with the less fortunate during times of emergency.

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