Bestselling author Joanna Ho Shares Her Philosophy

The Asian-American author encourages self-love and self-acceptance.

Eyes That Kiss In The Corners book author Joanna relied on her faith to support her during the hardest days. This book is recognized as the most powerful and self-affirming book.

She presented her life experiences and racial discrimination through her debut book. She is an Asian American who felt surrounded by Disney princesses who have blue eyes and long eyelashes. She even tried to lift her eyelids in hopes of changing her body or herself into someone else.
Life in her 30s changed her perspective, and she accepted the fact she had “eyes that kiss in the corners,” the same phrase she used as the title of her recently published book. When she was in Taiwan, one day, she noticed that people on the magazine cover didn’t have Disney princesses. Like her, they were Asian. They look gorgeous, “That means I can be beautiful, too,” the author remembers thinking.

When she became a mother, she didn’t want her kids to face appearance issues like her. “I want them to be proud of where they’re from and who they’re from,” Ho says.

She wrote the book named “Eyes That Kiss in the Corners,” which focused on a story about embracing and celebrating Asian-shaped eyes. It is a lyrical and beautiful picture book containing stories of the past and hope for the future.

She expressed her life struggles to the Deseret News. He says, “I’m just barely keeping my head above water.” “I’m a single mom. I work full time. I’m a vice-principal at a high school. The writing is a side hustle — it’s the thing I do on the weekends, in the mornings, at night. I have two kids. I can’t do it all. This pandemic, this life, has forced me to acknowledge that I have limits and that’s OK and that it’s necessary to lean on others to help you through.”

She talks about relying on her community. She resists herself when someone offers to help, “I’m always like, ‘You don’t need to do that. I’m fine, I’m fine.’ I’m trying to learn how to — instead of pushing back and saying, ‘I don’t need help’ — I’m learning how to say ‘thank you and express my gratitude,” she says.

The author further says that she takes care of herself by nourishing her soul. She says, “I can get on my knees and pray and get answers and be guided and make sense of things that are happening in the world.”

The author says, “I feel the hand of God in my life.” “Particularly when things are hard, I find the scripture studies — the things that I read — are direct answers to the things I need that day.”
Her motivational and breathtaking message is simple. “You need to take care of yourself because you matter. Not because you can serve other people. You’re a daughter of God, and you matter. Period.”

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