Best of Anya Taylor -Joy SNL Sketches!

“Saturday Night Live” SNL was happy to call it a season after one of the craziest years in human history, especially in American history. In a remarkably moving Cold Open, the whole cast came out to chat about the year. The Season 46 cast takes a look back at one crazy year and pokes fun at everything from dads smashing promenade pictures with shotguns to canceling tradition, Satisfaction, and Psychological Well being Awareness Months.

And, Anya Taylor-Joy came a long way closer to producing the greatest “SNL” episode of all time than Elon Musk as they both promised it. This was probably one of the best episodes in recent memory, with “Weekend Update” providing more laughs in the final two segments than it has all season — and it’s been a good season. The cast did some excellent work and delivered some hilarious sketches.

Their heightened energy levels reflected the excitement of a season coming to an end. This cast was dedicated to their characters and bringing the laughs tonight, and it paid off. Just one sketch didn’t work at all, and even that was amusing because of how the cast members interacted with one another.

In recent weeks, it’s been unusual for one cast member to have such a strong presence. Although the majority of the cast (except Melissa) had a lot of screen time this week, Aidy was obviously making the most of every single one of hers. From musical guest Lil Nas X’s wardrobe malfunction to sweet and simple monologue the season had so many best sketches and let’s wait for the incredible 47th season of “Saturday Night Live”.

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