Ben Affleck Jennifer Garner family outing

The duo’s co-parenting skills are amazing!

Ben Affleck Jennifer Garner Family Outing
Ben Affleck Jennifer Garner Family Outing

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner got a divorce in 2018. They have three children together, with the last one being Samuel. Affleck is now remarried to Jennifer Lopez, and Garner is currently in an on-off relationship with businessman, John Miller, for some years now. The recent celebrity couple’s family time has been noticed by the press and their fans all over the world. Let’s take a sneak peek at the Ben Affleck Jennifer Garner family outing.

Celebrity Parents at Son’s Game

Recently, on a Sunday, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner were spotted at their son, Samuel’s basketball game. Garner was wearing sunglasses and talking to her ex-husband, Ben Affleck. The duo looked perfectly happy and laughing together. Affleck was seen wearing a casual flannel shirt over a graphic tee, along with jeans. Garner’s hair was pulled back in a loose bun. She was spotting a gray sweater, along with black leggings. Eleven-year-old Samuel’s match was at Santa Monica, California.

Affleck Garner Family Bonding Time

Affleck and Garner were married from 2005 to 2018. Even after their divorce, they have been good co-parents. The parental happiness at their son’s sports game shows how well they bring up their children and show them affection by being present in the important moments of their lives. The former couple has two daughters as well. Both Affleck and Garner are 51. 

It is said that Jennifer Lopez, the famous actor and singer, to whom Affleck is remarried to (currently), has played a role in her husband and Garner’s co-parenting journey. 

Affleck and Garner Son’s Sports Event

The recent basketball game has ensured that Affleck, Garner, and their son had some good family bonding time. Garner was seen talking to Affleck, while he was cracking up. The couple can often be seen co-parenting their children while chatting amicably. This celebrity couple’s family time is a much-talked-about topic of interest. These Affleck Garner family bonding moments are an inspiration for divorced couples with children!

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