Bella Hadid’s Feel for Selena is no Ill Will over The Weekend

Bella Hadid has No Ill Will for Selena over The Weekend and Fells for her

Selena, 26 and Bella, 22, share more than one troubled story. The Weekend is one of the common troubles is one side; both stars suffered anxiety and depression. The fight doesn’t end there, Bella one of the leading models walking runways for Dior, Fendi and more has Lyme disease. The young “Wolves” singer Selena suffers from Lupus.

Recently, Selena went through a major emotional breakdown over an ex. It’s not because of The Weekend, but Justin Beiber’s wedding to Hailey Baldwin might have been the further trigger. She suffered a breakdown during a hospital visit at Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre at Los Angeles on 10th October. Following the meltdown, she checked into an East Coast mental facility and participating in wellness programs, undergoing dialectical behavior therapy. As Bella has fought her own health issues, sources reveal she is wishing wellness for the singer and fighting over men is trivial. More than one shared history makes her feel more compassionate to what Selena faces with Lupus and Kidney Transplantation.

Seems like Bella is not the one to hold grudges, even after the exes link ups and reunions compassion remains well with Ms. Hadid.

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