B-2 Stealth goes just above 60 feet in the UK!

The aircraft was flying just 60 feet above their heads this made them go star-struck.

B-2 Stealth is one of the costliest secretive aircraft from the U.S Air Force was spotted by sentries in the U.K. The aircraft was flying just 60 feet above their heads this made them go star-struck. 

The U.S bomber was one of the three in the U.K to be a part of the European Training Mission. The incident was captured by Steve King at RAF Fairford, Gloucestershire after they had come from Iceland training.

Sources say that the US F-15S was almost colliding near the British Airspace. The photographer said that he was balancing on a hill to flash from underneath the flight in the runway when they were about to land. These secretive airplanes are a price worth $2.1 billion each. 

Steve, a banker told that: The flight was lowering just a few feet above them and could hear a wild noise. He thought of capturing something different from the others present there. The B-2 crew and the other staff members were from the “509th Bomb Wing at Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri.”

Reports say that they are here in a “short deployment to show the American power and to help NATO and its associate members in Europe.” Further, RAF Fairford is considered to be a sought after base for the US forces. Earlier these stealth bombers were deployed when they were bombing the Middle East. 

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