Avengers: Endgame Crosses $365 Million Before The Weekend; Heading Towards $1 Billion…Creates History

Avengers: Endgame breaks all records by crossing $365 million on Thursday, the preview night of 25th April. It’s officially the biggest opening night in history. Perhaps, this is before the weekend, when most people have not even got the time to watch the movie. $60 million alone has come from the US. $305 million has been collected from the international market, a major portion coming from China where it opened on Wednesday. It definitely is a record, shadowing a global launch of approximately $950 million and may cross a $1 billion over the weekend.

Infinity Wars, a huge box office hit, had opened in the weekend, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday with $257 million. Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which was leading the race, collected $57 million in the opening night.

Everybody is seen going to the theatres and supporting the movie. For those who have already watched the film, they seem to be positive about it. They said that it was amazing to watch the long awaited conclusion of this epic series and it exceeded all expectations. It definitely had a wow factor and they couldn’t wait to watch it all over again. It’s supposed to be filled with a huge cluster of emotions, moments of screaming and excitement and will also make you cry. The ending is phenomenal with the perfect climax. It offers such a dramatic rush which has not yet been spotted in any other movie. Drinking coffee, soda or any other drink before watching the blockbuster is not advisable and carrying tissues along would be beneficial.

Theaters were very much involved in increasing the thrill for those coming to watch the movie. The theater in Phoenix set up jars of ashes with the names of the movie characters labeled in each, in the theater lobby. This was just to signify that Thanos snapped his fingers anddestroyed almost half of the Universe and killed a whole bunch of superheroes who turned into ashes at the end of Infinity Wars. It also put up posters saying that “Thanos Still Demands Your Silence, do not discuss amongst others and spoil it”. This is a throwback to Infinity Wars. The Director of the movie, Russo Brothers had released a letter before Infinity Wars’ opening, signed by Thanos, “stating not to spoil it” as Thanos demands your silence. Another theatre had high school students playing an orchestra, welcoming those coming to enjoy the show.

Some AMC Theaters in the US, almost 17 of them, have opened up for 72 hours, Thursday to Sunday, to accommodate as much audience as possible. It’s a 3 hour long movie and it’s suggested not to take a single break in between. The Russo Brothers’ advice is to carry your lunch with you and munch it inside the movie hall. What about nature’s call? According to them it’s a wrap up to the “Original Six” story. Some people may be afraid to witness the climax, but they might come out of the theater saying that it was the best ending in any movie ever.

Kylie Jenner, Travis Scott and their one year old daughter, Stormi, rocked Travis’s early birthday celebration in Avengers Style. Travis will be turning 28 on 30th April. Kylie dressed up as Captain Marvel, Travis as Iron Man, and little Stormi as Thor.

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