Australian Strawberries
Australian Strawberries


Australian strawberry cartons found to have needles: What could be the reason?

shocked by why anyone would place needles inside a fruit

A threat that’s taking rounds at the supermarkets in Auckland; we are truly shocked by why anyone would place needles inside a fruit. Several cases of this incident has been reported and people are now worried more than ever with such happenings. New Zealand’s grocery chain, Countdown, has; in fact, steer cleared its shelves that held berries from its neighboring country, Australia. While there remains a state of confusion that remains whether this tampering took place whether in NZ or Australia, the former’s Primary Industries Minister Damien O’ Connor said, “No New Zealander would be such an idiot”. This incident has drawn everyone’s attention and is currently the major concern of both the countries.

Needles tampered inside fruits
Needles tampered inside fruits

It is sad to see that fruits are being screened through metal detectors before export. Authorities are trying hard to keep a check on these mishaps, but, until and unless the saboteurs are found and held behind bars, there might arise more cases as these.

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