Arnold Schwarzenegger, 76, Kisses Hungarian Actress Timea Palacsik,

The action star kissed the Hungarian actress on her cheek

Arnold Schwarzenegger, 76, Kisses Hungarian Actress Timea Palacsik,
Arnold Schwarzenegger, 76, Kisses Hungarian Actress Timea Palacsik,

As you probably know, Arnold Schwarzenegger is highly famous for his action movies. He is an Austrian and American actor, filmmaker, businessman, and former bodybuilder. He was also a politician (former Governor of California). He was also listed as one of the most influential people in Time magazine. Do you know that he has recently kissed a Hungarian actress? Whether your answer is yes or no, let’s take a look at Arnold Schwarzenegger and Timea Palacsik (the actress he kissed).

Arnold Schwarzenegger Timea Palacsik Kiss

Recently, the action star was spotted kissing the cheek of the 41-year-old Hungarian actress, Timea Palacsik. The duo were enjoying their bike ride in Venice Beach, California. Both these fitness enthusiasts were also seen working out at the iconic Gold’s Gym. They looked as if they were having a field day.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Romance

Schwarzenegger has been in a long-time relationship with Heather Milligan, a physical therapist. When Schwarzenegger had a shoulder injury a decade back, he met Milligan. They have been in a relationship ever since.

According to some sources, Schwarzenegger was also seen kissing a blonde mystery woman just days before he was spotted kissing the Hungarian actress’s cheek!

Schwarzenegger kissing Timea Palacsik is now one of the most famous celebrity bike ride kisses. He was wearing a blue puffer jacket and black sneakers while cycling with the actress. Palacsik was wearing a black sweatshirt, along with matching leggings and sneakers. They were also seen joining some friends.

Celebrity Age-Defying Romance

Arnold Schwarzenegger, 76, kissing the cheek of Timea Palacsik, 41, is now the latest gossip. It is the perfect example of age-defying romance. It is also regarded by many people as a celebrity bike ride affection. 

Because of the kiss, rumors that Schwarzenegger has split with his longtime girlfriend, Heather Milligan, are now going around.

Hungarian Actress Timea Palacsik

Palacsik has starred in the 2017 movie, “Wonder Woman.” On her bike ride with Schwarzenegger, she was seen makeup-free. She was wearing sunglasses. 

Amid all the speculations, it is not known whether Arnold Schwarzenegger and Timea Palacsik are really in a relationship.

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