Terry Carnation Talks about Area 51 in a Podcast!

The podcast debuted this April 1 also sparks information on Elvis being alive in Las Vegas.

Terry Carnation aka Rainn Wilson launched his new dark-humor podcast which talks about Area 51 and other weird topics. The podcast debuted this April 1 also sparks information on Elvis being alive in Las Vegas.

The dark-comedy radio host is turning up the heat about the paranormal activities from Area 51 to UFO. In “Dark Air with Terry Carnation,” Rainn Wilson is a late-night talk radio host with some very strange callers and a focus on the paranormal

The podcast is published on both Apple Podcasts and Spotify and episode Rainn Wilson stars in this darkly comedic fiction podcast that explores the on and off-air life of Terry Carnation – host of a late-night, AM radio talk show on the paranormal. The series also features Yvette Nichole Brown, Al Madrigal, Karan Soni, Tom Lennon, and many more. Season 1 launches on April 1st.

These YouTubers trespassed Area 51. What happened next would surprise you.

The world is excitedly waiting for September 20th, the day when more than 1 million people are set to storm the gates of Area 51, the coveted US military base to figure out for once and for all what America has been hiding from the world. What started as a joke event Facebook ended up getting over a staggering 1 million interested folks interested in raiding the gates of the base.

However it seems like, a couple of Dutch YouTubers couldn’t contain their excitement and decided to storm in early.

Nevada police say they arrested Ties Granzier, 20, and Govert Sweep, 21, both from the Netherlands, this week after the pair allegedly defied warnings and trespassed a secure government site near Area 51.  They are held in Nye detention center according to the Nye County Sheriff’s Office.

Ties Granzier, hosts a popular YouTube channel going by the name Ties online with more than 730,000 subscribers. His friend Sweep said he thought this would be a big deal had they trespassed unnoticed.

Though the idea of storming Area 51 has been dropped by the creator of the viral Facebook event, people are excited and are looking forward to what’s in store for September 20th.

Before you go, here’s a meme for you.

1 Million People Set To Storm Area-51!

From what started as a joke on Facebook, the human race now wants answers on what the US government has been hiding in Area-51 in the Nevada region. Apparently, scores of people who have never met each other are planning to assemble sometime in September in the Nevada desert to march down the entrance of Area 51 on the lookout for aliens.

The Facebook post mobilized so many supporters that the US Military is genuinely concerned and monitoring the situation.

The Facebook post was started by a meme page ‘Shitposting cause I’m in shambles’. The event named “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us” garnered a huge response and clearly the admins of the page did not anticipate this kind of sheer response.

The so-called event is going to take place on September 20 and everyone including the likes of Chuck Norris, Elon Musk, John Cena and Keanu Reeves is in.

Area 51 was formally established as a military base. However, the base was shrouded in secrecy and kept off public records. The infamous base was shown to harbor aliens aka ‘little green men’ in the movie Independence Day and ever since then, conspiracy theorists have claimed that the American Government conducts several experiments on aliens in its underground floors.

The general public has long believed that the US government holds secret information about aliens and UFOs at Area 51.

The organizers are in full swing, planning and sketching to secure entry into the base. One of the iterations look like this–

Baffled (and probably intimidated) by the plans, Air Force spokesperson Laura McAndrews has released a warning to potential trespassers. In a statement, she said “[Area 51] is an open training range for the US Air Force, and we would discourage anyone from trying to come into the area where we train American armed forces”.

The event is fake but the memes are here to stay, sending Twitter up in flames.

I don’t care if this is a real deal or not, but I am definitely in.

Guy starting the Storm Area-51 raid wants to convert it into an EDM festival

Unless you’re living under a rock, you must have come across 3 million people planning to raid Area-51, Nevada on September 20. In what started as a joke, the whole nation joined in to take down Area-51 and unravel the ‘Aliens’.

3 Million Facebook users expressed their desire to storm Area-51, but Matty Roberts, a college student who started this event has different ideas.

Matty Roberts, clearly expressing that he’s a Naruto fan

Roberts urged ardent netizens to calm down and not to take the event seriously. Instead, he wants to have a big music festival of sorts where different artists can come in and perform.

“I want to have a bunch of different musical artists, everybody from the EDM world and then maybe some indie rock, maybe some smaller guys that are up and coming”, Roberts said.

And about the challenge, are we still on for September 20, Roberts?

“Please don’t. I don’t want anyone to actually get hurt with this. It was just — it started out as just from a pure stroke of imagination. It was meant to be funny. I want to do something cool out there, now that we have a bunch of people, but I don’t want anybody to get hurt”, said Roberts speaking to a local news channel.

What? Are you kidding me? What am I supposed to with these Night-vision Goggles I got from the Amazon Sale?

We’re sure that officials from Area-51 (Men in Black) must have shown up on his front door and threatened him to call this event off.

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