Are the Dutch and Duchess of Sussex Shifting to California?

The most prestigious family in the world is Queen Elizabeth II where Prince Harry hails from.

It’s obvious that Hollywood and the Royals have nothing much in common. Some live a life of an old-fashioned and some have a life queen size.

The most prestigious family in the world is Queen Elizabeth II where Prince Harry hails from. On the contrary, he married a woman of his heart besides their cultural differences. Now that the speculations might become true as Meghan and the Prince are planning to buy a home away from the U.K.

Yes, you heard it right, even the in-laws of Meghan were super thrilled when they heard the rumors. Sources say that this might be because of the clash and grudge that’s between the Duchess of Sussex and Kate Middleton.

Further, the rumored property is said to be in Malibu and they might visit the place when they tour the U.S at the end of the year. They have zeroed on to two properties from the other’s they were seeing.One is close to the “Soho House” and another close to “Point Dume. “

Though Meghan has now become a part of Britain, her heart is in California says an insider. 

With the most beautiful weather and beaches, the couple feels that Malibu would be the perfect destination for living. 

Let’s hope the couples are ready to shell their pockets to get the most expensive properties, and it’s stated that they already moved the proposal to the Queen and waiting for her approval. 

The move to the U.S will help themselves involve in “global outreach work,” socialize with high profiles in political and as well as in Hollywood. This would be helpful to enhance the business of the royals say sources.

Well, the Californian turned Duchess has brought quite a lot of changes in the palace. If the rumor mills turn true then they would be the first Royal couple to pitch in Malibu. 

Here’s wishing the crazy royals good luck!

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